Five common challenges

#1 - Training with friends

I know you're committed to improving your breath so you enjoy sport more. But when it comes to club events, or an invite from a friend to run or cycle together, you're suddenly less keen to nose breathe because you can't talk.

Completely understandable. Here are a few suggestions;

  • Set an intention that solitary runs are for breath training and for social runs just do what you can, but don't worry
  • Focus on listening rather than speaking
  • Agree to share quiet periods where you all nose breathe and don't talk


#2 - Discomfort

When you first start exercising with nose or reduced breathing, it will probably feel uncomfortable. Firstly, slow down. Accept that you may need to go slow for a while while your body adapts. Remind yourself it's because of CO2 and not that you're low on oxygen, to stop panic. Secondly, remember you can use the occasional pursed lip breathing to manage air hunger. As above, it may help to set a goal for certain training sessions to be for breath focus and may be slower than usual. It's not forever.

#3 - Falling off the wagon

OK so you've forgotten to do sessions for a week, and now telling yourself you may as well give up. No judgement here. Just set an intention to do one exercise at the next available time, and stick to it. Use the Facebook group for support as you will definitely not be the only one struggling with this. Team up with someone in the group who could be an Accountability Partner, and text you with regular reminders and motivation.


#4 - Slow progress

It's really hard to keep practising something if you see no progress. The most common reason for not seeing a BOLT score improvement is night-time breathing. If you experience a dry mouth, blocked nose and unrefreshing sleep, and are not taping your mouth, then night-time mouth breathing will undo the hard work you're doing in the day.

#5 - I'm too busy

Saving the biggie for last! This one is super common, but you know what... it's an excuse, not a reason. It's not about finding time. If you want to see change, to transform your exercise or performance, then you MAKE time. Reflect on your goals and what is important to you in your sport.

Look at what activities you do daily and consider which are a priority, and which are not. I guarantee you will find plenty of wasted time media anyone?!

Another solution is to sign up for a dream-busting race - one you've always had your eye on, but never entered. There's nothing like a super goal to keep you motivated, and ready to make time for training your whole body.