Getting to know your breath - introduction

During Week 1 (Breath Awareness) you'll become more familiar with the way you breathe, and begin to understand how that is affecting your well-being and performance in sport.

This is our biggest section, so I'll walk you through what is coming.

Firstly, you're invited to become aware of how you breathe and habits you may or may not be aware of in daily activities and during exercise. Follow the audio in self-assessment [09:30] and fill out your log. This includes measuring your BOLT score, which is also explained in the third lecture (measure breathlessness).

There are four video tutorials to introduce to some breathing concepts that you may not be familiar with.

  • Reflections on your breath and setting goals
  • Ways of breathing - Part 1 - Nose and Mouth
  • Ways of breathing - Part 2 - Diaphragm
  • Posture and breathing

These tutorials will help you get clear on what you want to achieve through this course, and what you need to reach that goal. We are here as a community to support you.

The exercises in the BONUS section are designed to make nose breathing as easy as possible by clearing and cleaning the airways. Not everyone will need to use these, but they are worth a try at least once.

  • Nose unblocking exercise
  • Nose cleaning with a neti pot
  • Humming