Boost your progress


Set aside a period of time each day, or every few days, to focus on one exercise. Progress will come if you do at least 3 breath-hold training sessions a week. Ideally this time block is the same each time, so perhaps in the morning before lunch, or late afternoon as a perk up.

In fact, if you apply time-blocking principles to all your tasks in a day then you may free up time for other priorities such as running or family.

Each time-block is 45 - 90 minutes maximum before taking a break. Pay attention to what breaks your concentration, and when you feel depleted of energy in that block. Make adjustments based on what you observe.

A few tips;

  • Don't hold your breath straight after eating - its comfortable and messes with your digestion
  • Skip breath-hold training if you're not feeling well
  • Don't hyperventilate if you're feeling stressed or anxious about something (better to do slow breathing)


Goal setting

Being clear on what your priorities are, and where you see yourself in the next week, month, or year, is important to stay motivated. Attention and willpower are limited resources and get depleted, hence why working in blocks with regular breaks is a good way to structure your day.

You need to set an anchor you can keep coming back to - reminding yourself why you've taken on this journey.

"A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot!" (Joe Vitale)

The SMART approach to goal setting is common knowledge these days, but it always help to have a reminder. Use the log sheet below to write down you priorities and goals. Just download, save to your folder and type straight onto the PDF.

Advanced breath goals.pdf