Useful items

For this course you will need two essential items.


For which a phone can work fine.

Pulse Oximeter

This is a finger monitor which measures your heart rate and peripheral (i.e. finger) blood oxygen saturation (known as spO2). You'll need this to check you are in the target range for physiological adapation during breath-holds.

You can purchase a basic model for approximately £20 however the more accurate models are £100+

You can hire a pulse oximeter via my website for the duration of your course.

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Additionally, you may find a sports mask or inspiratory training device helpful.

Sports mask

The Oxygen Advantage Sports Mask enables you to strengthen breathing muscles while you train, and in addition to the simulated high altitude breath-holding can provoke. Sports masks are available in the UK via my website, or from

Breath trainer

An Inspiratory Breath Trainer (IBT) is a device used at rest, where you inhale against resistance. The Powerbreathe device is the most well-known of these, however there are several on the market.

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