If your biggest fear is not being able to run because you're injured, then this hub is for you.

Using the techniques and resources explained here, you'll be stronger, more flexible and stable when you run. You'll know how to train smart. This is what prevents injury - not shoes or orthotics, not supplements or selective diets.

The structure is designed to first self-assess, then build up mobility and stability progressively by choosing wisely how to focus your time and energy. There are also add-on resources regarding breathing during exercise and how to rest effectively. Nutrition guest lectures coming soon.

The bite-size exercises can be done at home or outdoors, with minimal props. You don't need to find extra time to do these - just add them to your existing run, workout or recovery routine.

Your body knows how to move well, but 'you' get in the way by placing obstacles in your path (sitting too long, poor shoes, inadequate nutrition etc..) I invite you to explore what your body can do when you let go of structure, reps and sets... and just play round. Our bodies love problem-solving!

And once you're more resilient and mobile, you won't need us and we'll bid you a fond fairwell! This is a subscription hub so stay as long as you need to.

Man squats with ease


Restore your natural range of motion and build strength so your body is prepared for the unexpected. Focus on feet, ankles and hips.

Woman balances on a log


Restore your balance and elasticity to move with ease and efficiency. Less effort means you can go further before tiring and reduce injury risk.


Make time for quality training and recovery so as to be sustainable in sport. Avoid over-training and under-fuelling by making wise choices.

Hi, I’m Rebecca

I'm a breath and balance coach - your host to Keep On Running.

I've competed in many different sports - from equestrian to running, triathlon to freediving.

It's through my freedive journey that I truly learnt what it means to be efficient in mind, body and breath... because I had only one breath to do what I needed to do. And I set 5 National Records!

The techniques demonstrated in the hub come from yoga, natural movement philosophy and play. I've drawn on a lot of the latest sports science to bring you to best advice on how to have a sustainable running career.

I put this hub together because there is so much information online, much of it conflicting. I believe that our bodies are far more intelligent than we give them credit for. If we allow our bodies to perform how they were designed, we are less likely to break down.

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