Yoga coaching with champion freediver, yoga teacher and breath specialist Rebecca Coales. Restore your natural breathing to move well, sleep better and think clearly. Maximise your recovery from training, reduce the risk of injury and overtraining. Find your mojo and boost energy levels to perform at your best.

My structured courses, classes and 1-to-1 coaching help you resolve breathing, mindset and mobility problems that are holding you back from fully enjoying sport, and from winning. Yoga is about mind, breath and body - in that order of priority.

The Breathing Zone contains courses and regular online classes to help you if you get out of breath and dizzy during or after exercise. Once your functional breathing is restored, you can harness the full potential of your breath to boost energy and performance, feel confident and recover like a pro.

If you prefer one-to-one contact then book a free discovery call with me to explore how we can best tailor a yoga practice to suit your needs.

If you're a yoga teacher with an established breathwork practice, but lack confidence and knowledge to introduce retention to your clients, explore the NEW Teach Kumbhaka course. This gives you the framework for safe and authentic lessons that offer profound transformations.

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The Breathing Zone

The Breathe Easy course helps you resolve breathing problems that are affecting your enjoyment of sport. You may have been diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma, have regular blocked nose or experience dizziness during exercise. These are often caused by over-breathing and that's the main focus of the course.

After taking this course, people who dread getting out of breath will be confident they can lace up their trainers and keep fit. Some may even reduce their need for medication.

We also look at the benefits of slow breathing to minimise anxiety and manage blood pressure.

With effective breathing you can then harness the powers of your breath to boost performance. The Breathe Advanced course introduces breathing muscle strength exercises, and the use of breath-holding to enhance your blood carrying capacity. This simulates training at 3,000m+

We also focus on pre-race preparation to get you in peak condition to perform at your best and effective recovery with deep relaxation and breathing. It's a one-stop-shop for techniques that will set you ahead of your rivals.

Breathing School exercises are from the Oxygen Advantage programme, designed by Patrick McKeown, blended with my experience from yoga, running and freediving.

No theory, just classes

If you just want the breath practice, without the commitment of a theory-based course, then this membership hub will suit you best. Take A Breather provides live or replay access to a weekly online breathing class, and to our monthly special SOMA full moon parties that energise and invite deep meditation.

The library contains 10 hours of recorded practice already, with more being added weekly. You also get exclusive discounts to SOMA courses and my coaching/courses. No minimum contract.

Yoga breathing class

NEW! For Yoga Teachers & Trainees

This unique course gives you the scientific and yoga philosophy background so that you fully understand what happens to our body and mind during breath-holding. Learn how much of this has come from research and the experiences of freedivers.

Use a simple framework to plan what kumbhaka exercises will be safe, accessible and authentic for your clients.

Explore the large appendices of research and lesson recommendations for helping clients with particular breath-related problems, and for those who come to you with existing medical conditions and seek a safe practice.