For runners who've had enough of being out of breath, dizzy and fatigued.

In February 2020, we held a 5 Day Breath Challenge based on five 'secret' hacks to stop you getting out of breath when you run.

The key posts and videos are captured here as an introduction to the Fast Track to Better Breathing course, available in this school.

Unblock your nose without decongestants

A natural way to clear a stuffy nose, and using salt rinse to maintain a healthy airway

Diaphragmatic breathing
How to breathe 'deeply' in a healthier way

Understand the difference between slow, light breathing and hyperventilation through large volume breathing

Woman blowing her nose
Common challenges to nose breathing while running

How to overcome nose resistance, runny nose and air hunger

Woman with mouth taped

Hi, I’m Rebecca

I'm passionate about helping sports people find healthy ways of breathing to reduce symptoms of wheeze, coughing and stuffy nose... and boost performance to reach their full potential.

I know this works because I did it myself. I was a competitive freediver for several years, setting 5 UK records, My training involved boosting my tolerance to breathlessness. I was trail running at the same time, and I was able to run comfortably with my mouth closed.

I'm a yoga teacher, environmental scientist and mum to a boisterous toddler!

We're based in Bristol, UK.

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