Kumbhaka Fest - Nov 2020

We met some of the world's most inspiring breath holders during this online event.

They've excelled in their field because they're not afraid to go beyond their comfort zone. They tread the fine line between life and death; between their inner and outer world; learning to choose wisely and endure extraordinary challenges.

Their stories will show you it is possible to go deep into yourself and your environment. You'll experience breathwork that allows you get high in your mental state, and perhaps boost your ability to climb to the roof of the world.

"You were right, Mr Mayol, this is indeed a shortcut to samadhi"

Indian yogi to legendary freediver Jacques Mayol

"The higher I climb, the deeper I seem to see within myself"

Reinhold Messner

Who is this for?

Yoga teachers - experience new practices and feel more confident to introduce kumbhaka in your classes

Freedivers - be inspired by stories from divers around the world and learn new training techniques

Climbers - better understand how breath-holding could benefit your performance and incidence of altitude sickness

Breathworkers - get new ideas for breathing practices, visualisations and intention setting

two freedivers under water
Managing stress

Hear from those who've made hard decisions beneath the waves that can win or lose, not just competitions, but also life.

Man holds nose for breath yoga
Seeking enlightenment

Learn from wisdom passed down through the ages by the ancient breath-holding practices of yoga, tantra and Buddhism.

Mountain climber
Reaching great heights

Could apnea training be an effective way to prepare for high altitude? Hear about the latest science and from those who've tried it.