List of exercises

Here is a list of Foot Zone exercises to help you navigate the videos shown across these lectures. I'll notify new uploads on this page too.

Tripod - a short note on how to stand optimally.

Wake Up Feet!

  1. Foot massage
  2. Toe lifts
  3. Toe separators
  4. Foot self-massage with a ball

Strength & Stability

  1. Short foot/suction cup
  2. Toe grab
  3. Heel lifts
  4. Ball rolling + variations
  5. Beam work (requires equipment - wooden plank and cylindrical beam)
  6. Standing knee lift


  1. Free Your Feet (mobility)

Ankle and lower leg

  1. Self massage for tight ankles
  2. Chair pose preparation, pose + variations
  3. Warrior poses 1 + 2