Hello there!

You're here because you've sussed that keeping mobile and stable will help you avoid future injury.

You've realised that the cause of injury is often not where the pain is. Most injuries are caused by work being done by muscles and joints that aren't designed to do it. They're compensating for stiffness or weakness elsewhere.

I also know you dislike conventional fitness training and being told what to do! I want to inspire you to develop your own movement practice that doesn't need reps and sets.

I'm so glad you're here - let's get to work (well, play really)!!

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How does the hub work?

The resources are organised by a training cycle as described below.

You start by assessing where you're at today - using ground movements and balance tests that give you instant feedback on what needs some attention. Use these to tailor a plan of action to address any movement or breath patterns that aren't doing you any favours.

Then go to each body 'Zone' where you'll find flexibility and strengthening exercises. Some are bite-size, others in slightly longer sequences. Together these will develop your mobility. I give cues for using muscles at certain points in a joint's range of motion, including the outer range of motion. It might feel a bit scary, but if done with care and patience your body will learn it's safe to work at its limits.

You also become more stable when the right muscles do their jobs because your brain and nervous system give the right signals, at the right time, and the joints and muscles aren't hindered by weakness or stiffness. For stability we need balance and proprioception (knowing where you are in space).

In the third phase of training, I encourage you to play while out on your training runs. You'll find lots of balance ideas here because I believe spontaneous and fun balances are a key part of training yourself to be an all-round athlete.

And after your training comes recovery - a step I urge you not to skip. I provide guided relaxation and slow yoga practices to ensure your body gets the rest it deserves.

It's important to see this as a cycle i.e. you improve breath, movement, balance and mindset abilities with each completed cycle, going back to re-assess and celebrate your successes each time. I wish you the best of luck!

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